Give of your time and talents.

Make a difference when you join our senior care community.

Perhaps you’re looking for a place where you can express your zeal for volunteering and giving back. At our senior care community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our residents are mission-driven people, who are eager to share their time and talents to help others. Many residents say that sharing their time, talents and interests – whether with neighbors at Covenant Living at Inverness or throughout the greater Tulsa area – is one of their most satisfying pursuits in life. Opportunities to give back abound at Covenant Living – from supporting residents receiving healthcare to campus beautification to community service projects benefiting the surrounding area and so much more.

In the Tulsa community, residents help in a wide range of community services projects including mentoring and tutoring students at local schools and helping Tulsa's homeless and impoverished populations through food and clothing drives and working in shelters.

Our employees also find time to give back.  Dining department staff volunteer at a non-profit kitchen, preparing and serving dinner for homeless people on a regular basis -- not to add here but it's a cool thing that might be worth adding somewhere

Within Covenant Living at Inverness, residents provide companionship to residents in our health care center, spearhead or volunteer with residential entertainment and programs, assist with recreational programs, decorate for holidays, deliver mail or read and write letters, and provide administrative office support.

New volunteer programs are being created all the time at this service-oriented community. At Covenant Living at Inverness, volunteer opportunities are as varied as each resident's passion and interests.

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